Training and Coaching

Discourse Analysis for Business

This hands-on training will allow you to analyse texts so that you can

  • expose the hidden, implied meanings disguised in your company's documents and web presence;
  • to understand the power of grammar and words in interpersonal interactions;
  • notice how discourse affects people's perception of reality.

It's like taking the red pill in the Matrix: you will learn realize the power of the "code" - our language - and learn techniques to manipulate it to your advantage.

What can you do with such a knowledge?

  • understand how to create a coherent tone-of-voice for your brand;
  • write corporate documents, like mission statements, "about us" sections, visions, CEOs letters that actually work;
  • create a powerful story of your organisation;
  • use language strategically to foster change and establish new, more effective organisational culture;
  • develop effective marketing messages.

This programme can be offered as one-off sessions targeting specific texts and genres you or your organization is interested in, or as a professional development package with a variety of subjects covered.

Effective leadership

I don’t believe in do and don’t lists - they simply cannot prepare you for the wide range of tasks you will be required to do as a leader. Rather, I believe that watching other people communicate, learn from their example and reflect on your own practices will helps you to build a repertoire of skills which you can use flexibly and efficiently.

This training combines theoretical knowledge about communication and organizational leadership, combined with practical activities that will prepare you to

  • influence and persuade others;
  • engage and empower your followers;
  • understand the power of words and non-verbal communication;
  • write, present and give a public speech effectively.

Social media and digital communications

Is the CEO of your company tweeting yet? If not, you are missing out on valuable opportunity to engage with your customers and build trust for your brand. During this training you will learn about a range of theories related to digital communication, and more importantly, learn how these theories can help to engage in effective social media communication.

During the training you will learn, for example, to

  • identify and analyze your audience(s);
  • think about the divide between personal, professional, public and private;
  • identify the various digital channels and their advantages/disadvantages;
  • write in an informal and "conversational" manner;
  • identify why email is so problematic in the workplace;
  • manage work via virtual interactions effectively.

Attendees of this training programme will be given access to Writing online: A guide to effective digital communication at work.