Hire an Expert

I can offer a combination of industry knowledge and academic expertise.

I have extensive research expertise, including the design, management and execution of research projects. This means that you can be assured:

  • the data collection and observations will be done professionally, with the highest level of confidentiality;
  • the analysis of data will be methodologically robust and precise;
  • the interpretations will reflect the latest developments in related academic disciplines.

I have extensive experience in teaching and speaking to both specialist and non-specialist audiences. I understand and have academic experience in the various stages of coaching: needs analysis, target setting and material design.

I am passionate! From the initial pitching stage of the project, to getting your employees on board and to giving talks and training sessions, I can share my passion of language and effective communication.

Why do you need an outsider?

My lack of familiarity with "how things are done around here" will allow me to see more, question hidden assumptions and expose practices that are hard to notice from within the company. As an outsider I will also be able to address issues of interpersonal conflict and won't feel threatened to analyze everybody's communication practices!

Hire experts

If I am unable to take on a project on my own, I won't claim I will. I often work together with colleagues from academia and the communication industry whose expertise I trust.

I actively research and publish on topics related to business and corporate communications. If you are interested in my academic profile, please click here: About me.


I am affiliated with Aston University, Birmingham.

I teach courses on Leadership and Management Communication, Language at work, Intercultural Communication and Discourse Analysis. I am also the convenor of a new, interdisciplinary BSc Business Management and English Language.

You can find my university profile here: Aston