Work process and Fees

1. Initial consultation

Are you after an unbiassed expert or a communication trainer?

Please do get in touch with any queries.

I am happy to discuss your needs - no obligations!

I even offer a free 30-minutes consultation, whether you decide to hire me or not.

2. Needs assessment and brief

Based on your needs I will put together a project plan and a quote, on paper - or as a presentation if other decision makers need to be included in the process.

3. Organizational culture audit

If you require consultancy, I am likely to conduct an organizational culture audit.

The audit will allow us to see and understand the cultural forces that shape communication practices and the ways communication practices shape culture in your company.

It allows us to expose the unspoken, unwritten rules, norms and values of your organization - the rules your coworkers or employees adhere to, the norms and values that motivate or influence their behaviour.

The audit has 3 stages, and the schedule is highly dependent on the complexity of the task and the size of your organisation.

Data Collection

I become the "fly on the wall" to observe the culture and communication practices in your company. I conduct interviews and surveys, and collect the data I believe is linked to or is representative of your culture and practices: stories, ways of talking about things, instances of conflict or miscommunication, published materials, social media interactions.


Next, I analyse the collected data. I combine methods of linguistic analysis, discourse analysis and methods from organisational studies.

4. Feedback

Finally, in the consultancy report and/or presentation I expose the obvious and not-so-obvious cultural and communication practices, values, norms that foster or stand in the way of progress. Typically this ends with an "aha" moment!

5. Coaching and training

If you require training or would like to follow up your consultancy with a tailor-made coaching, I offer courses in Critical Discourse Analysis for Business, Leadership Communication, and Social Media and Digital Communication.

Coaching is individually developed, based on the findings of consultancy work.

Consultancy fees

The general fee for consultancy work is £50+VAT per hour, but as a part of the project brief I will prepare a detailed quote that will reflect

  • the time I need to spend on site;
  • the complexity of data analysis;
  • method of feedback (report, presentation);
  • any follow-up activities.

One-off, occasional training is £100 + VAT per hour. This is for a maximum of 5 attendees. The duration of such training is a minimum of 3 hours. Costs can vary depending on the location, or if the training needs to be bespoke.

Fees for tailor-made or longer training programmes are agreed as a single price for the package, and include re-usable materials and e-mail support for the duration of the course.

My coaching is developed based on my findings from the consultancy work, and is either included in the consultancy quote or developed as a separate, single quote for the agreed duration of the coaching.